Seed & Venture Capital

We advise entrepreneurial companies, business angels, and venture capital funds across a range of sectors on prospective seed and venture capital investments. We typically work with our clients from first-term sheet negotiations and through successive funding rounds.

Our focus throughout is on providing clear, actionable advice that will secure the best possible deal terms.

With several entrepreneurs in our ranks, we understand what goes into building a business. It’s more than turning an idea into revenue. It takes preparation, planning, and execution. And once you’ve given it your all, be prepared for tide changes that require you to rethink or adjust your strategy. With hundreds of successful startups, we thrive on turning an idea into something disruptive.

Our Goal

At SilverLine Collective, we make it our mission to protect your interest in your business and ensure your rights are protected when working with venture capitalists or investment firms. We know that money is never free, and we make it our goal to ensure that any strings attached to the infusion of capital into your company are fair, properly enforced and do not violate your rights or ownership interests.

We work closely with founders in structuring the equity split in a manner that protects the entity’s interest while minimizing areas of conflict between the company and its founding teams or outside investors.

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