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2023 was an active year on the deal front for SilverLine Collective. A few select transactions where SilverLine Collective served as lead counsel include the following:

We represented a global data analytics company based in New York City in the sale of its business to McKinsey & Company, Inc., one the largest consulting firms in the world.

We represented a disruptive digital publishing company in the sale of its business to one of the largest print and publishing companies in the world.
We represented a large financial services company in the sale of its business to a leading financial services firm based in New York City.
We represented an accredited investor group in connection with consolidation of several mid-sized television stations throughout the southwest United States.

We represented a real estate development company respecting a buy-out of certain investors in a real estate luxury hospitality project.

We represented a media group respecting the sale of 12 publications from its portfolio holdings.

We represented a New York publisher with the sale of its music catalog consisting of over 50 publications.

We represented the leading educational data warehousing software company in the sale of its business to a large publicly owned media company based in Toronto, Canada, Harris Computers, Inc., a subsidiary of Constellation Software (TSE:CSU).

We represented as lead counsel a pet care company in an aggressive consolidation play with over 20 plus acquisitions completed handling all corporate securities matters, Intellectual Property oversight and fundraising initiatives.
We represented a media publishing company in connection with a 10.5 million Series A Preferred equity offering.

We represented a group of “accredited investors” with respect to a $8.5MM Series A  investment into an emerging software company.

We represented a software company in the sale of certain assets to a foreign buyer.

We represented an independent film production firm in connection with a $7.5 million Series A Preferred equity offering.

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